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Technology Introduction

RFID | Wireless | Mobility

Please click below for an introduction to our core technologies:

RFID Radio Frequency Identification
The technology of RFID is moving out of the traditional supply chain and access control applications and is being increasingly employed by organistions over wider areas such as asset tracking and management.
GPS GPS Technology
GPS is the best system for wide area outdoor tracking and locating of assets, vehicles or people, especially when integrated with a mobile phone module to regularly report back its position.  However, GPS does not work indoors and so it may be supplemented or replaced by RFID if accurate indoor tracking is required.  GPS may also be used in conjunction with RFID in a local yard, site or campus environment where buildings may shadow the GPS signal.
Wireless Wireless connectivity

With emerging standards increasing the choice of wireless technologies and applications, benefits for businesses employing wireless technology are becoming ever more accessible.

Mobility Mobile data / mobile work force
Mobility Applications built on the increasing speed of mobile phone networks are allowing businesses with mobile workers and assets ever greater visibility in more cost effective ways.


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