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Introduction to Mobility

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In today's rapidly expanding and dynamic marketplace, businesses embrace new technologies in order to stay resilient and ahead of competitors. Smart organisations have identified mobility as one of the keys to delivering the next generation of strategic advantage.

It wasn't long ago that having a laptop and a mobile phone with voicemail meant your workforce was mobile. For the mobile workforce today, it means immediately accessing important information - acting on that information to the benefit of the business - and collaborating efficiently with customers, partners, and colleagues. In other words, successful business communications rely on an efficient exchange between people and data.

Enterprise mobility is commonly defined as the process of extending business applications and solutions through the use of mobile, wireless technology. Companies choose these applications either to improve productivity, or to offer greater flexibility to their employees. Continued advancements in mobile technologies - from improved wireless networks and security, to an exploding range of mobile devices and mobile solutions - enable companies to extend once office-bound corporate resources to their entire mobile workforce.

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