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Consultancy Services

In addition to providing RFID & GPS based systems the RFID Centre can provide chargeable consulting and professional services :

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Evaluation & Selection
  • Bespoke Solution Design
  • Trials & Pilots
  • Hardware & Software Integration
  • Rollout & Full Implementation
  • Training & Optimisation

The RFID Centre also has a team of experienced hardware design engineers and software engineers who can originate new devices to meet any specific and unique customer requirement. For example by designing a new printed circuit board that incorporates an RFID tag, or a GPS receiver with other components such as movement or temperature sensors and that may also connect to other wireless or security networks.

GPS is a relatively straight forward technology as it works to a single global standard and the transmitters (satellites) are aleady in place and provided for free by the US government. By contrast RFID is subject to many choices of tag type, frequency, read ranges, reader, reader connections and backend systems. The potential complexity of an RFID project generally requires associated up-front consulting services - so the following section primarily refers to RFID projects.


RFID is not a ‘plug and play’ technology and requires careful selection and implementation. For example some tag types will work well in the precence of water or when attached to metal objects and other tag types will not work at all in these situations. The RFID Centre can provide specialist services such as RFID technical requirements definition, testing, trials and assistance with pilots.

  • Establish the most appropriate RFID frequency, tag, reader and antennae type
  • Test equipment and tuning for optimum performance in your environment
  • Consider the impact of RFID to your processes and operations
  • Conduct Site Surveys and provide installation services
  • Recommend as stand-alone or integrated to existing applications
The RFID Centre and its partners have specialist technical expertise in these matters. For more information regarding our consulting services please contact us.


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