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Parking & Vehicle ID

The MotorTag Electronic Permit System

MotorTag is a unique in-vehicle electronic tag that can be used for vehicle identity, security, access management and parking applications.  For example to allow entry into secure sites, to capture vehicle specific information, to manage parking areas, for on street permit parking and to instantly verify vehicle and driver details. The tag is attached to the inside of the vehicle windscreen and unlike paper based permits MotorTag cannot be copied and so provides greater security.

MotorTag is superior to other technologies in this space, as it does not require contact between tag and reader and it operates in the optimum distance of between one and ten metres to the reader. The system can be configured with both handheld and static readers, while it is designed to provide very accurate singularity of read – in other words, a specific vehicle can be uniquely identified amongst numerous other vehicles in the immediate vicinity.

System Overview
MotorTag provides a secure electronic parking management system, consisting of the following elements:

    • A more convenient and secure electronic parking permit will replace any current paper permits, which is still easily attached to the inside of the vehicle windscreen.
    • Security staff or parking attendants carrying handheld readers will wirelessly interrogate the target vehicle tag, which will provide a unique permit number.
    • The permit number is relayed to a central database via the mobile phone GPRS data network if the parking area is remote or by WIFI wireless network if the parking is on-site.
    • The specific permit, vehicle and driver data is located within the database and the relevant information is sent back to the handheld device within seconds.
    • Permit, vehicle and driver information are displayed on the screen of the handheld reader, enabling the security or parking staff to instantly verify the permit, vehicle or driver.

Unique Features of MotorTag

  • MotorTag is an active electronic tag, displayed inside the vehicle windscreen,
    with a five year battery life
  • MotorTag can be read from one to ten meters
  • MotorTag can contain vehicle ID data or simply a unique number that triggers
    vehicle information retrieval from a secure back-end database
  • A lost or stolen MotorTag can be remotely deactivated
  • Permits can be read and verified in a 180° arc around the front and front-side
    of the vehicle
  • The MotorTag signal is focussed using beam technology to enable single
    vehicle identification

Examples of MotorTag Applications

Based on the flexibility of the MotorTag system, it could be used across various industry verticals in a host of different applications, including the following:

Low Complexity Applications

  • Electronic parking permits
  • Electronic vehicle identification
  • Cashless parking systems (Replacing Pay & Display)
  • Visitor parking permits
  • Corporate car park vehicle and driver authentication

Medium Complexity Applications
  • Users checking vehicles in and out when using corporate pool vehicles from a shared fleet
  • Logging the entry and exit of vehicles at a central depot such as busses and taxis going out to service or coming back at the end of shifts
  • Logging rental cars out to customers or logging them back into stock after the rental period and inspection
  • Automatically capturing vehicle details entering or exiting secured perimeters, such as military vehicles at a high security base

Advanced Complexity Applications

  • Granting vehicle access in barrier access control systems, such as lifting a boom or lowering a bollard
  • Managing the movement, location and responsibility of vehicles between a network of car dealerships
  • Logging the arrival of a specific vehicle at a facility and initiating a downstream activity such as having the vehicle maintained, washed, loaded or decanted.
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